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APO Group provides free content for journalists and ensures news is delivered promptly to the African press. APO Group owns the largest Africa-related news releases archive.

AFRICA-NEWSROOM is the sole online database for Africa-related news releases. It offers free access to tens of thousands of Africa-related news releases themed by country, industry and subject. Journalists can then run searches by keywords, date, country, industry, subject, or company name. They can also choose to receive the news releases via RSS feed, email, widget or FTP.

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APO Group distributes Africa-related press releases on behalf of hundreds of multinational companies, audit firms and international organizations, including Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), McKinsey & Company, Deutsche Post DHL, Orange, Standard Bank, Oracle, Nigerian Export-Import Bank (NEXIM), and the Ministry of Finance of Nigeria, to name a few.
Journalists, freelancers, and bloggers that are registered with APO Group are eligible to receive advance, embargoed press releases distributed by APO Group.
Eligible individuals must agree to follow the terms of the embargo policy.

Conditions of the APO embargo policy

Journalists, freelancers, and bloggers must not publish or broadcast before the embargo has lifted.

Stories or reports on press releases and other selected materials may not be published, broadcast, posted online, or placed in the public domain before the embargo date and time. Precise embargo dates and times will be clearly marked on all advance material.

Advance material is for background research only. Recipients may share embargoed materials only with experts in the field to seek comment, but such materials must be clearly identified as embargoed and must include the embargo date and time. Recipients are responsible for taking all necessary steps to ensure that all third parties honor the embargo.

Failure to adhere to the embargo policy will result in suspension of privileged access to all embargoed materials from APO Group.


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