APO Group’s new exclusive agreement with Getty Images offers a unique global platform for African press releases and images

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Jun 10, 2021

APO Group (www.APO-opa.com), the leading Pan-African communications consultancy and press release distribution service, today signed an exclusive agreement with Getty Images (www.GettyImages.com), a world leader […]

APO Group

APO Group (www.APO-opa.com), the leading Pan-African communications consultancy and press release distribution service, today signed an exclusive agreement with Getty Images (www.GettyImages.com), a world leader in visual communications, that will make images – and press releases – about Africa instantly available to tens of thousands of media organizations all over the world.

As a result of the collaboration between the two companies which started in 2019 (https://bit.ly/3v9As6b), Getty Images’ vast network of over one million global subscribers will have access to APO Group clients press announcements and high-quality editorial images.

This will come at no extra cost to the standard price of APO Group’s Pan-African press release distribution service. APO Group’s multinational customers are active all across Africa, and this new arrangement will help shine a light on some of the positive stories being told on the continent every day.

Sport also has a major role to play in the changing of global perceptions about Africa. Getty Images is the official photographic partner to over 85 of the world’s leading sports governing bodies, leagues, and clubs including FIFA and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), so its media subscribers are used to seeing the very best sporting imagery.

APO Group is the exclusive Pan-African communications consultancy for the NBA and the Basketball Africa League. APO Group is also the Main Official Sponsor of World Rugby’s African association, Rugby Africa, and an official sponsor of Team Qhubeka Assos, the only professional African cycling team on the UCI World Tour, and the annual Lux Afrique Polo Day. Through these partnerships, APO Group will be able to showcase the best of African sport to new audiences all over the world.

Getty Images is one of the most instantly recognizable names in international media, with over one million clients in almost every country in the world. It has over 425 million assets, encompassing the latest global news, sports, celebrity, music and fashion coverage, as well as exclusive conceptual creative images. It is also home to the world’s largest commercial archive.

APO Group has led the way in press release distribution in Africa since 2007. Its client-base features prominent international companies from diverse industries, all of whom have great insights to share and stories to tell as they establish operations in Africa, or develop their presence on the continent.  

One of the company’s main goals is to find a new way of challenging international perceptions and changing the narrative about Africa. Ultimately, it is about driving trade and investment, and helping to stimulate African economies as well.

“This is a truly groundbreaking moment,” said APO Group Founder and Chairman, Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard (www.Pompigne-Mognard.com). “For our clients, it means an incredible opportunity to reach further with their content than ever before. For Africa, it means the chance to break the cycle of negative news and show the world the bigger picture. I am so thankful to Getty Images for opening their network to Africa. They are using their unparalleled reach and reputation to elevate our continent on the world stage.”

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with APO and offer African businesses and organisations access to the world’s newsrooms via our unrivalled distribution platform,” said Eugene Cariaga, Senior Director Sports at Getty Images.  

For more information, please visit https://bit.ly/3xaI3mh.

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About APO Group:
Founded in 2007, APO Group (www.APO-opa.com) is the leading pan-African communications consultancy and press release distribution service. We assist private and public organisations in sharpening their reputation and increasing their brand equity in target countries across Africa. Our role as a trusted partner is to leverage the power of media and build bespoke strategies that enable organisations to produce a real, measurable impact in Africa and beyond. The trust and recognition granted to APO Group by global and multinational companies, governments, and NGOs inspires us to continuously enhance our value proposition within Africa to better cater to our clients’ needs. Among our prestigious clients: Facebook, Dangote Group, Nestle, GE, NBA, Canon, Coca-Cola, DHL, Marriott Group, Ecobank, Siemens, Standard Chartered, Orange, Jack Ma Foundation, African Development Bank, World Health Organization, Islamic Development Bank, Liquid Telecom, Rotary International, Kaspersky, Greenpeace…

Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland | Offices in Senegal, Dubai and Hong Kong

For further information, please visit our website: https://www.APO-opa.com

About Getty Images:
Getty Images is one of the most trusted and esteemed sources of visual content in the world, with over 425 million assets including photos (https://bit.ly/3g8E0kQ), videos (https://bit.ly/355puE7), and music (https://bit.ly/3v8638o), available through its industry-leading sites www.GettyImages.com and www.istock.com. The Getty Images website serves creative, business and media customers in nearly every country in the world and is the first-place people turn to discover, purchase and share powerful visual content from the world’s best photographers and videographers. Getty Images works with over 350,000 contributors and hundreds of image partners to provide comprehensive coverage of more than 160,000 news (https://bit.ly/3zg4Ajx), sport (https://bit.ly/3pDRSXm) and entertainment events (https://bit.ly/3pMfQ2U) each year, impactful creative imagery (https://bit.ly/3g5RM7Q) to communicate any commercial concept and the world’s deepest digital archive of historic photography (https://bit.ly/3w6Pk6y).

Visit Getty Images at www.GettyImages.com to learn more about how the company is advancing the unique role of still and moving imagery in communication and business, enabling creative ideas to come to life. For company news and announcements, visit our Press Room (https://bit.ly/3g9yJcH), and for the stories and inspiration behind our content, visit GettyImages.creativeinsights.com. Find Getty Images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or download the Getty Images app where you can explore, save and share the world’s best imagery.

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