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Unlock the power of Africa’s most popular medium

Radio’s affordability and portability makes it Africa’s most influential information outlet and the only source of information in many parts of the continent. Get access to radio stations across Africa and reach millions of customers with your message.

Your message heard by
an entire continent

Take control of the narrative by creating soundbites that reflect your most important talking points. With APO Group’s Radio News Releases™ you get complete control over what messages are heard by millions on the African continent.

Unique partnership with African Union of Broadcasting

Thanks to a unique partnership between APO Group and the African Union of Broadcasting, your soundbites and B-roll footage are made available to AUB members free of charge, but also members of their sister associations around the world, including the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).

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67% of Africans listen to the radio at least once a week.

Radio remains the most popular medium on the African continent
among rural and urban communities as well—Afrobarometer, 2020.

Radio stations across Africa
at your fingertips

A uniquely Pan-African reach

A truly Pan-African communication consultancy, APO Group is the only company to provide a Radio News Release™ service, allowing you to reach millions of untapped audiences across the African continent.

Make room for creativity

Radio News Releases™ are great way to convey messages about your brand in a new and creative manner. A Radio News Release® can further enhance you brand voice and make your messages heard all across the African continent.

Multimedia content creation

Content creation is a difficult and often times expensive endeavour. Soundbites are, however, very easy and cheap to produce. Use your existing content, may it be a press release or an online press conference, transform it into an easy to distribute and digestible piece of content.

Short & focused soundbites

Distribute a short audio clip featuring the company brand, product and services to hundreds of outlets. Radio News Release™ soundbites are concise, focused messages with compelling news.

The leading Pan-African Communications Consultancy.

APO Group is the only communication agency with a truly pan-African reach. Offering multilingual services, combined with the unparalleled reach of APO’s network, your message will be seen across the continent.

10k+ press releases distributed every year.

Over 300 multinational companies and 50+ PR agencies are using APO Group to distribute their press releases across all 54 markets of the African continent. Over 10.000 press releases are distributed annually through Africa Wire®.

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Frequently asked questions

What does APO Group do?

APO Group is a pan-African communications consultancy and press release distribution service offering a complete range of Public Relations services, including copywriting, press release distribution and monitoring, online press conferences, digital marketing, interviews with specialized journalists, opinion piece publishing, organisation of virtual and physical press events, event lauch, media monitoring, webinar, Twitter Q&A sessions, and more.

What languages does APO Group offer its services in?

The APO team is multilingual and international, offering our services in each 4 languages of the African Union, as well as in local languages such as Swahili, Luganda, Amharic, Wolof, as well as providing turnkey translation solutions for Arabic and Portuguese for some services. APO Group provides translations in all African languages. To know more about which languages should be used in each of the 54 African countries read here.

What is a Radio News Release?

Distribute a short audio clip or soundbite across the African radio stations, featuring the company brand, product and services to hundreds of outlets. Radio News Release™ soundbites are concise, focused messages with compelling news, heard by millions.

Which African countries do APO Group cover?

APO Group covers all 54 countries in Africa.

How much will it cost?

Please fill out a quote form here and we will come back to you within the hour.

APO Group is the leading Pan-African communications consultancy.

Talk to one of our experts to see if publishing a Radio News Release™ is the right approach to address your communication needs.