Setting Up Media Coverage

We advise & arrange the media coverage most effective for your PR campaign. Media relations strategies can include press with influential news editors, online press conferences, interviews with specialized journalists, publishing an opinion piece, organizing a breakfast or event launch, Twitter Q&A sessions, or even purchase advertising.


Advise: APO helps to understand the complex political, cultural and media environments for your market and advise you on the development of your communication strategy.

Online Press Conferences: APO online press conferencing solution allows a large number of professional journalists from different countries to participate in your press conferences without traveling.

Events: APO provides strategic and effective action plans to ensure the exposure of your events.

Twitter Q&A Sessions: Build trust & your following by directly engaging with journalists and customers. APO organizes & moderates Q&A sessions making sure you are getting the most out of your PR initiatives.

Purchase Advertising: contact our team to discuss how we can negotiate and purchase audience-targeted time and advertising space to convey your campaign message.