Zimbabwe Newspapers (Zimpapers) partners with APO Group to bring the largest feed of quality African corporate news content to audiences all over Zimbabwe

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Feb 23, 2022

Zimbabwe’s largest mass media publisher, Zimbabwe Newspapers (Zimpapers) (www.Zimpapers.co.zw), today announced a content partnership with APO Group (www.APO-opa.com), the leading Pan-African communications consultancy and press […]

APO Group

Zimbabwe’s largest mass media publisher, Zimbabwe Newspapers (Zimpapers) (www.Zimpapers.co.zw), today announced a content partnership with APO Group (www.APO-opa.com), the leading Pan-African communications consultancy and press release distribution service, which will enable text, images, videos and soundbites distributed by APO Group to be published simultaneously across all of Zimpapers’ 15 news websites.

The agreement provides Zimpapers with free content from all over Africa. APO Group’s content feed includes news from more than 300 multinational companies operating in Africa, along with major international institutions, sporting organizations, and African governments. 

For APO Group’s clients, this partnership represents a unique opportunity to get their news in front of the largest public audience in Zimbabwe.

For more than a century, Zimpapers has been the most prominent publisher of mass media in the country, tracing its origins back to 1891. Its suite of titles includes the two largest newspapers by circulation in Zimbabwe: The Herald in Harare, and The Chronicle in Bulawayo.

The Zimpapers name, and the publications in its portfolio, are instantly recognizable to people all over Zimbabwe. Zimpapers operates 15 major news outlets across the print, broadcast and online spectrum.

APO Group content will be hosted on all 15 websites listed below:

Digital and Print

The Herald: www.Herald.co.zw 

The Chronicle: www.Chronicle.co.zw 

The Sunday Mail: www.Sundaymail.co.zw 

H-Metro: www.HMetro.co.zw 

The Sunday News: www.SundayNews.co.zw 

Kwayedza: www.Kwayedza.co.zw 

The Manica Post: www.ManicaPost.co.zw 

B-Metro: www.BMetro.co.zw 

uMthunywa: www.uMthunywa.co.zw 

eBusiness Weekly: www.eBusinessWeekly.co.zw 

Suburban: www.Suburban.co.zw 

Radio Broadcasting Division

Star-fm: www.Starfm.co.zw 

Capitalk-fm: www.Capitalkfm.co.zw 

Diamond-fm: www.Diamondfm.co.zw 

NyamiNyami-fm: www.NyamiNyamifm.co.zw 

Zimpapers Television Network

ZTN: www.ZTN.co.zw 

Originally founded as the African Press Organization in 2007, APO Group is renowned as a trusted, credible content partner by journalists across Africa and all over the world.

APO Group’s position as the leading press release distribution service in Africa affords content partners like Zimpapers unparalleled access - for free - to a large, diverse feed of news in text, image, video and audio format. It is exactly the same feed of content provided by APO Group to international partners such as Bloomberg Terminal and Thomson Reuters Eikon.

Content partners like Zimpapers benefit from a range of features:

  • Free - all content is provided without charge
  • Compliant  - with Google's latest Webmaster Quality Guidelines on duplicated content
  • High volume - 30+ stories per day on average 
  • Diverse sources – Africa-related content from multinational companies, governments, international institutions, sporting organizations, and more
  • Pan-African feed - content from all over the continent
  • Multi-industry - news from every industry from technology to healthcare; fashion to sport
  • Multimedia – content includes text, image and video
  • Instant publication - content is published online automatically, at the same time as major international platforms like Bloomberg Terminal and Thomson Reuters Eikon

“We are delighted to be working with APO Group to bring a rich feed of quality news content to people all over Zimbabwe,” said Zimpapers Group Chief Executive Officer, Pikirayi Deketeke. “By securing free, simultaneous publication of this news on all of our websites, we are ensuring we will be among the first media to break some of the biggest stories in African business, news and sport.”

“Partnerships like this one with Zimpapers are mutually beneficial for organizations issuing press release content and for the African media and their respective audiences,” said APO Group Founder and Chairman Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard (www.Pompigne-Mognard.com). “The richness and diversity of our African news content feed is unrivalled, while Zimpapers is the undisputed leader when it comes to media in Zimbabwe, so our partnership provides a unique opportunity to deliver quality news to the Zimbabwean people.”

To become an APO Group partner in your country, contact [email protected].

This is a joint press release by APO Group and Zimbabwe Newspapers (Zimpapers).

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of APO Group.

Media contact:
[email protected]

About APO Group:
Founded in 2007, APO Group (www.APO-opa.com) is the leading pan-African communications consultancy and press release distribution service. We assist private and public organisations in sharpening their reputation and increasing their brand equity in target countries across Africa. Our role as a trusted partner is to leverage the power of media and build bespoke strategies that enable organisations to produce a real, measurable impact in Africa and beyond. The trust and recognition granted to APO Group by global and multinational companies, governments, and NGOs inspires us to continuously enhance our value proposition within Africa to better cater to our clients’ needs. Among our prestigious clients: Facebook, Dangote Group, Nestle, GE, NBA, Canon, Coca-Cola, DHL, Marriott Group, Ecobank, Siemens, Standard Chartered, Orange, Jack Ma Foundation, African Development Bank, World Health Organization, Islamic Development Bank, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Rotary International, Kaspersky, Greenpeace…

Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland | Offices in Senegal, Dubai and Hong Kong

For further information, please visit our website: www.APO-opa.com

About Zimpapers: 
Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980) Ltd (Zimpapers) (www.Zimpapers.co.zw) is the oldest newspaper publisher and commercial printer in Zimbabwe, as well as being the largest publisher of newspapers, having been in the industry since 1891. It publishes 13 newspaper titles and runs a Broadcasting Division.

The company is the proprietor of Zimbabwe’s leading daily newspapers, The Herald, The Chronicle and H-Metro. It owns two Sunday newspapers The Sunday Mail and The Sunday News.

The largest Provincial newspaper in Zimbabwe, The Manica Post, a weekly, anchors the Mutare unit. In recent decades; Zimpapers launched two newspapers in the country’s two main indigenous languages, Shona and Ndebele. Kwayedza, the Shona weekly is published in Harare while Umthunywa, the Ndebele weekly paper is published in Bulawayo.

The Zimpapers Group and New Era Newspapers of Namibia jointly launched a regional weekly newspaper; Southern Times in 2004.

In 2012 Zimpapers launched the country’s first commercial radio station, Star FM. It brought together the finest presenters and disc jockeys to start up and develop a fast growing and multi-faceted radio brand. Zimpapers added to its broadcasting portfolio with the launch of Diamond FM radio station in Mutare in 2016. Further expansion into broadcasting resulted in the introduction of the Zimpapers Television Network.

Zimpapers also publishes two magazines, Zimtravel covering tourism and Bridal Magazine; which looks at weddings and related issues. The Group has responded to emerging digital technologies and migration by creating innovative digital products that have increased its audience reach and enhanced the visibility of advertorial content.

Besides being the biggest newspaper publisher in the country, Zimpapers is the only publisher and printer operating as a public company, having been floated on March 8 1927; then as the Rhodesian Printing and Publishing Company Limited. It changed its name in 1980 when Zimbabwe gained its Independence from colonial rule.

The 1927 launch incidentally makes it one of the oldest listings on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

For more than 80 years, readers, have had the opportunity to buy and trade in the shares of “their newspaper”; which has seen hundreds of smaller investors joining the big institutional investors in taking a stake in the equity.

Zimpapers has newspaper offices in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare and commercial printing works in Harare and Bulawayo. Gweru hosts a newspaper bureau and a commercial office, while journalists are stationed in bureaus across the country.

The Group also has a strong presence on digital publishing platforms.

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