APO Tech

Data and business go hand in hand for market knowledge translates into more informed decision making. Our specialists provide comprehensive advice, technology, and solutions to help our clients achieve peak performance.

Core IT Services


We create and manage your email infrastructure

Invoicing & Payments

We provide you with the ability to invoice your customers and manage their payments


We create and manage a fully responsive website

Office Automation

We provide all core end-user applications (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint)


SMS Portal, WhatsApp for business

Advanced IT Services

Data Management

We manage, analyze, and visualize your data and help you to support your decisions


We provide you with a full-flex ERP platform and team of experts to ensure operational efficiency and compliance


We create a 360-degree view of your customers and optimize your interactions with them

Payment/Donation Platform

Either standalone or integrated with your website; we will manage your online payments/donations

HR and Payroll System

We help you manage your growing pool of resources and your payroll processes